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Recent news

7 Oct 2010   version 6.0 released

  • Bug fixed for 'out of route' message in navigation


18 Aug 2010   version 5.9 released

  • Bugs fixed for navigation in WVGA device
  • Bugs fixed for can't get direction in some device
  • Improve photo layer displaying


6 Aug 2010   version 5.8 released

  • Bugs fixed for WVGA devices map displaying problem
  • Bugs fixed for photo layer and street view
  • Bugs fixed for get direction history
  • Bugs fixed for terrain layer in China area


6 Jul 2010   version 5.7 released

  • Bugs fixed for WVGA devices and stop map download.


24 Feb 2010   version 5.6 released

  • Bugs fixed for map download and get direction according to Google Map changed


9 Oct 2009   version 5.5 released

  • Bug fixed for South Korea map and select map range to download


7 Oct 2009   version 5.4 released

  • Bug fixed in hybrid mode
  • Fixed bug that stop download map data in some situation


24 Mar 2009   version 5.3 released

  • Increase hybrid mode performance and decrease memory used
  • Latest update for map data


26 Mar 2009   version 5.2 released

  • Bugs fixed.


24 Mar 2009   version 5.1 released

  • Fixed can't download any map bug .
  • Bug fixed in navigation.

18 Mar 2009   version 5.0 released

  • Fixed can't detect photo or video that taken by camera in some device
  • Sort My media in Global Navigator by creation time. you can press  left right key to browse the files.
  • Fixed bug that misplace map tile when downloading map .
  • fixed bug that show error message when downloading map in some time
  • Decrease 'My media' loading time


16 Mar 2009   version 4.9 released

  • Add GSM or GPS position info to photo and video that taken by camera automatically and show it in Global Navigator!
  • Get GSM position more quickly by cache GSM position data
  • Fixed the stop download bug when downloading a map range.  Read More


24 Feb 2009   version 4.8 released

  • Add South Korea map
  • View photos on map offline by cached the downloaded photos.
  • Show progress when downloading photo
  • Fixed the exit application when zooming bug

23 Feb 2009   version 4.7 released

  • Photo layer let you view images on map all over the world!
  • Add more voice command in navigation and bugs fixed!
  • Easy download and change voice for navigation.


23 Dec 2008   version 4.6 released

  • Locate postion using GSM Cell Tower automatically when GPS is not started
  • Tracking other's GSM postion in Global Navigator,no GPS hardware and no network connection need!
  • Fixed many bugs in navigation,more stable and more reliable!
  • Decrease the loading time when start Global Navigator. Read More


10 Dec 2008   version 4.5 released

  • Add support for WVGA and other resolution device
  • Get directions for Japan Taiwan China and bugs fixed


25 Nov 2008   version 4.4 released

  • Add terrain layer and fix bugs


3 Oct 2008   version 4.3 released

  • Fix the stop download bug when downloading a selected map range
  • Fix bug in VGA device
  • Fix the GNAngent.exe error when start deivce in some deivce

26 Sep 2008   version 4.2 released

  • Select map range and download all the map and satellite image automatically. See screenshots
  • Always show the map view of current GPS position to next turn in navigation


31 Jul 2008

Global Navigator 4.1 is released!

  • Make trackline and direction line transparency
  • Fix stop download map data when IP address is not banned.
  • Fix out of memory bug in large free memory mode
  • Fix the encoding problem in search address or businesses.
  • Fix bug in navigation
  • Fix the minimaze feature
  • Add avoid tolls option and walking mode in navigation
  • Add adapt position to direction line option
  • Add muti langaue voice file support,You can download it in the download section


21 Jul 2008

Version 4.0 add 3D street view feature allows you to quickly and easily view and navigate high-resolution, 360 degree street level images of cities in the world.

  • If the street view data is can start the street view off line!
  • The street view initialize angle is using the current map angle will automatically move when you move angle in street view.
  • You can visit and select the 'Street View' layer to check if your location is support street view.      Read more


 15 Jul 2008

version 3.9 features the following changes:

  • Show total distance, speed, elapse time, satellite count in map when GPS started
  • Don't banned IP address when download much image data.
  • Acitve map data download when current IP address is banned
  • Use less memory and fix the out of memory bug   

 1 Jul 2008

version 3.8 features the following changes:

  • Tracking another's position in Global Navigator using the SMS tunnel,no network connection need!
  • Fixed some bug in navigation

 07 Jul 2007

Global Navigator v1.1 is released!

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16 Mar 2009
Take photo and record video with position!
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23 Dec 2008
Global Navigator with GSM tracking!
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21 Jul 2008
Global Navigator add 3D street view!
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15 Jul 2008
Don't banned IP when downloading map!
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1 Jul 2008
Global Navigator with GPS tracking!
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07 Jul 2007
Global Navigator V1.1 is released!
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